I am a self-motivated person with a simple message: Strength is a choice. I firmly believe that whatever area of life you want to grow strong in, you can choose to do it and choose to find a way. I know this from personal experience, because I have both risen and fallen due to my own choices through my life. I chose to make emotional decisions over an ended relationship in my youth, and thus I ended up homeless and scraping by. I then chose to join the Army, get myself off the street, and make something of my life. Afterward, I chose to take a very expensive adventure and ruin the advantages I had built for myself. The last major choice I made was to clean up my life once and for all, and to share my experiences with others who have similar struggles.

The most influential people in my life at every stage have all had the same message: "Stop crying about it and change it." So I've chosen to be that voice of tough love for as many people as I can reach, because I know that sometimes it's the only thing that can get someone out of a rut. Making those hard choices was the only thing that transformed me from a completely anti-social person with no direction into a soldier, a professional, and a successful person. I want that success for each and every one of you. If even one of you takes a step toward breaking free like I did, then everything I have done here will be worth it.